What Is Turner Syndrome?

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Every person has genetic information from both of their parents. This information is shared when the sperm meets the eggs and fertilization takes place. Sometimes, however, either the sperm or the egg will not have all the information. At others, there may be an error when the information is shared during the fertilization process.

When this happens, the fetus may not develop as it usually would. In many cases, the fetus will miscarriage before it can develop at all. The symptoms can affect the patient in some very mild ways and in other cases it can mean the patient has a very difficult, and shortened, life. One of the less severe examples is Turner syndrome, although it will cause dangerous complications in some cases.

1. Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a type of chromosome disorder that only affects females. As a congenital disorder, the patient will have the condition even before they are born and they will have it for the remained of their lives. It is not a condition that can be acquired at any point in the patient’s life after they have been born.

Many patients with Turner syndrome will go on to live relatively normal, independent lives. However, they will still likely need treatment for the rest of their lives. It is often diagnosed at birth or even before their birth, while in some cases it will not be diagnosed until the patient is an adult.

Turner Syndrome

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