What Is Tularemia?

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Tularemia is a disease that can be caught from other animals that are also infected. It cannot be spread from person to person as far as we know. Although rare, the disease is still found all over the world, especially in rural areas. This is because living in rural areas makes people more likely to come into contact with infected animals.

The disease is caused by the Francisella tularensis bacterium, and it is usually treatable. It will be fatal in a small number of cases, however, so treatment should be sought as soon as possible. It can be transmitted in different ways, and there are also different varieties of the disease.

1. Different Types

There are several different types of tularemia, and the most common of them all is ulceroglandular tularemia. This variety is known for causing skin ulcers where the infection took place. Glandular tularemiais similar, but it does not cause ulcers. There is also oropharyngeal tularemia, which will tend to be caught from contaminated meat or water.

Pneumonic tularemia is another variety that is known for causing the same symptoms as pneumonia. Another variety is oculoglandular tularemia, and this will affect the patient’s eyes. Perhaps the most serious type is typhoidal tularemia, but this is thankfully also the rarest variety of the disease.


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