What Is Reye's Syndrome?

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Although it is a rare condition, Reye’s syndrome can be very serious. This syndrome is associated with a problem with metabolic system regulation due to a viral infection or medication.

Children are more likely to develop Reye’s syndrome. Under certain conditions, however, it can be a problem throughout the teenage years. Occurrences in adults are very uncommon.

1. What is Reye’s Syndrome?

Reye’s syndrome is characterized by the swelling of internal organs, especially the liver and the brain. It typically occurs in children and teenagers who have recently recovered from a virus or who are currently in the process of viral illness recovery.

The syndrome is considered rare, but when it occurs, it can be serious or even life-threatening. Anyone suspected of suffering from Reye’s syndrome needs to be evaluated and treated by a physician immediately to avoid the advancement of symptoms.

Reye's Syndrome

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