What Is Poland Syndrome?

By boone
Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
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3. Shortened or Joined Fingers

Besides the chest area, the fingers and hands of one side are the body parts that most often show symptoms. Abnormalities can include a small hand with short fingers (brachydactyly), fingers that are webbed or joined (syndactyly), or extremely small fingers. A combination of these conditions is termed symbrachydactyly. The traits vary in severity from being barely noticeable to causing a complete lack of hand function.

Some people with hand abnormalities also have shorter arms. The shortened bones are usually the ulna and radius of the forearm, rather than the humerus of the upper arm. The deformities do not affect both upper limbs but occur on the same side of the body otherwise affected by the condition. Other than causing asymmetry, shortened arm bones do not often cause complaint.

Poland Syndrome

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