What Is Poland Syndrome?

By boone
Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
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4. Abnormal Internal Organs

Although rare, signs of Poland syndrome can be seen in the kidneys, testes, vertebrae, or heart. The kidney may contain several malformed internal structures. Usually there are no symptoms from an abnormally shaped kidney, but increased risk of infection is possible. Cervical vertebrae are shaped differently in rare cases, and in men one testis may remain undescended.

Some babies born with Poland syndrome have dextrocardia, which is characterized by having the heart located in the right side of the chest cavity. Normally the heart lies deep and to the left of the sternum with the bottom pointing to the left; in dextrocardia, the heart is more towards the right with the bottom pointing right. This arrangement in itself is not problematic for the patient but sometimes is accompanied by structural abnormalities that do cause complications.

Poland Syndrome

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