What Is Kidney Failure?

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Our body is always creating waste products that are a result of our metabolism, and other processes. These waste products are then transported in our blood to natural filters that are known as kidneys. These kidneys help to remove the waste products from our blood, and this helps to keep our blood clean.

These filters are very important to us for a variety of reasons. If they were no longer able to do their job then our blood will become increasingly toxic, and balances of chemicals and minerals would be affected. It is a potentially very dangerous condition, but it can often be managed to limit the impact on the patient’s life.

1. Kidney Failure

Kidney damage is a condition where you lose the ability to filter waste products from your blood. This will mean that the levels of waste products in your blood will begin to accumulate. This can cause a number of unwelcome symptoms. In some cases, levels of blood toxicity can increase to the point where they are life-threatening.

There are numerous reasons why your kidneys can begin to fail. These include disease, injury, and simply not taking good care of your body. Kidney failure cannot be cured, but it can often be treated. Kidney failure can be broken down into two main categories, which are acute, and chronic.

Kidney Failure

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