10 Home Remedies For Kidney Infection

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The kidneys are very important organs with functions including filtering blood to remove toxins, maintaining body fluid balance, producing urine, and maintaining a stable internal environment.

However, an infection can interfere with the workings of the kidneys. It can also cause symptoms like pain in the back, sides, groin, and the abdomen, frequent urination, fever, chills, and a burning sensation when urinating.

E. coli is the most common cause of a kidney infection. This usually starts elsewhere in the body and spreads to the kidneys. While you may need to visit a doctor for treatment, in many cases, you can get relief from the problem by using some of the following 10 home remedies for a kidney infection.

Home Remedy #1: Water

Water is essential for life and is the most abundant component in the human body. There are many benefits that come from drinking water, which include improving brain power, getting rid of toxins, and boosting the immune function. Water can also prevent headaches in addition to many other benefits.

To ensure that your body gets adequate water content, form a habit of maintaining a daily intake of about 8 glasses. This is especially crucial when you have a kidney infection. Keeping your body properly hydrated ensures that your kidneys flush out waste from your body by way of urine. The water can also help flush out the infection-causing bacteria, thereby alleviating the infection from the kidneys and the rest of the urinary system.

Kidney Infection

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