What Is Hypertrichosis?

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For the most part, we have lost most of our hair and are relatively bald in comparison to our closest relatives. We do still have some hair, however, which is mainly on our head and it helps to keep us warm.

We also still have the ability to make our hairs stand on end, which would have made our hair even better at keeping us warm. Some people are hairier than others, and some people have a condition known as hypertrichosis. This is a condition that causes abnormal hair growth to the point where it can have a significant impact on the patients appearance.

1. Hypertrichosis

Hypertrichosis is also known as werewolf syndrome, for reasons that become obvious when you see a patient with the condition. It is so named because patients with the condition are considerably more hairy than usual. This can occur in patches of the body, or it might occur all over the body. Not much is known about what causes the condition, but there are some likely triggers.

These can be congenital, meaning it has been passed down from parents, while it can also be acquired, meaning the condition has been triggered after being born. Potential causes include light sensitivity, cancer, malnutrition, using certain drugs, and using a plaster cast.


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