10 Home Remedies For Ingrown Hairs

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Ingrown hairs can be very uncomfortable. They will irritate the soft tissues beneath the skin, causing inflammation, redness, and itchiness. In some cases, they can even cause an infection, potentially leading to sores that are filled with pus. Thankfully, there are remedies available that can help deal with the problem.

Most remedies focus on dealing with the discomfort that ingrown hairs can cause. The hair itself should be removed with a sterile needle where possible. They are not necessarily dangerous, but you might sometimes need the help of a nurse to remove them.

Below are some home remedies that can help to soothe the discomfort ingrown hairs can cause.

Home Remedy #1: Salt

Few dinner tables are complete without some salt. It is often used as a condiment, while it is also often used as an ingredient. It is also used in various applications around the home and can be useful when it comes to remedies for certain medical conditions. Salt can even be used to help with ingrown hairs.

Salt can help to stimulate the circulation of the blood, thus reducing swelling and aiding with healing. Perhaps more pertinently, it can also be used to help exfoliate the skin. To use it, take one cup of warm water, add one and a half teaspoons of salt, and then rub it onto the skin with a cotton ball.

Ingrown Hairs

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