What Is Croup?

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Most people have heard of the common cold, but unless you have children, you may not have heard of croup. Croup typically only affects children and usually gets better on its own without medical treatment. Typically, croup develops after a common cold or other types of common viruses.

Although some of the symptoms of croup can be the same as other conditions, croup has some distinct symptoms that are easy to identify. Learning more about the signs of croup can help parents learn to distinguish between this issue and other potential problems. This will allow parents to prepare for proper treatment.

1. What Is Croup?

Croup is a condition that develops when the areas around the larynx and trachea become inflamed due to a cold or another virus. The air pathway between the bronchial tubes and the larynx becomes swollen and narrowed, so when the child coughs, the air must be pushed through a smaller passageway than usual.

Not all viruses lead to croup in children. Inflammation that does not specifically affect the voice box or inflame the trachea and bronchial tubes does not lead to croup symptoms, even with infection or irritation of the upper or lower respiratory tract. Croup develops with a specific set of symptoms.


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