10 Symptoms of Croup

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The soft tissues of the throat are particularly susceptible to infections. In adults, this will typically result in laryngitis, which can be quite painful. Very young children are also vulnerable and when they develop such infections, it is recognized as croup.

Croup causes many symptoms that are familiar to all throat infections, such as a sore throat and coughing. It is not necessarily a dangerous illness and will usually pass harmlessly within a few days or so. However, remember that very young children are delicate and they should always be monitored closely to be sure they don’t come to serious harm.

Symptom #1: Cold Symptoms

The vast majority of us will have had a cold at one point. It is perhaps the most common illness in the world and, in the past, it used to be deadly. Thankfully, though, the threat it now poses to us is very small. It remains common, although some cases of the cold may not actually be a cold at all.

The first signs of croup tend to be very similar to that of a cold, meaning it is often overlooked to begin with. It is usually only when further symptoms begin to show that parents begin to pay more attention. Remember that young children are very vulnerable to illnesses, so even a cold is something that should not be treated with complacency.


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