What Is Appendicitis?

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We have all experienced pain in our abdomen area. These are sometimes down to infections, often bacteria, that can irritate the digestive system and make us feel quite ill. At other times it might be down to having eaten foods that our digestive system struggles to cope with.

Regardless of the cause, stomach pains are quite common and unlikely to have us wishing to see a doctor. While we might be eager to try and brush it off as not serious however, we should certainly take notice in some situations. If the pain you are experiencing is severe, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible, because it could be a dangerous condition like appendicitis.

1. Appendix

The appendix is a small organ that is located in the colon. It is not clear exactly what its purpose is, and it is thought to be the remains of a vestigial organ that was once more important for us. We are now able to live quite comfortably without an appendix, and it can be removed should it be deemed necessary.

Although the appendix serves little to no purpose, however, it can still be problematic. It is possible for the organ to become inflamed in a condition known as appendicitis. It can be a very painful condition, and it can also be extremely dangerous.


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