What Is a Deviated Septum?

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Depending on the size of our nose, it will protrude quite far from our face. As such, they make up a big part of how we look aesthetically, but they also serve a very important practical function. They help us to take in the oxygen that we need to survive, and they allow us to use our sense of smell.

The nose is separated down the middle into two separate chambers that are usually of roughly equal size, but this is not always the case. Some people will have a condition known as a deviated septum, and this can cause a number of problems for them.

1. Septum

If you feel your nose, you will find that there is a hard ridge that runs from the top to the bottom in the center. This is also very noticeable in a lot of people visibly and, depending on the size and shape, it can cause people to have a “big nose.”

This is made from bone at the top and cartilage at the bottom and it helps to ensure that the nasal cavity remains open to allow air to pass through freely as needed. This ridge is known as the nasal septum, and it also helps to keep the two passages of the nose separate from each other.

Deviated Septum

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