10 Symptoms Of Catarrh

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Our airways have an internal mucous membrane, which makes it an important part of our defense against disease. Usually, we aren’t aware of these membranes but, sometimes, they can be inflamed by certain conditions. It is not so much of a disease but more of a symptom, and it is a fairly common condition.

Catarrh is usually fairly short-lived—lasting for just a few days or so. Some patients, however, will experience it in the longer term, with the condition lasting for weeks, months, or even years.

It is not necessarily dangerous, but can be very irritating. Here’s a look at some of the most common symptoms of catarrh.

Symptom #1: Mucus Runs Down Throat

The mucus in our nose serves a very important job. Its natural stickiness helps it to trap particles and pathogens, preventing them from being inhaled into the lungs. These particles are then ejected from the nasal passage where they can do no harm. The mucus will often be removed by blowing and picking the nose, while it will also sometimes pass down the back of the throat.

We won’t usually notice when nasal mucus does run down the back of our throat, but it does become noticeable when it happens in larger quantities. In cases of catarrh, the patient is likely to be producing a lot more mucus than usual, and this will often be very noticeable as it passes down the throat.


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