10 Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms

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Our immune systems are usually quite good at dealing with bacteria when they get into the body. If they do manage to enter, then our bodies will defend themselves fiercely and the intruder dealt with quickly. While our immune systems are quite effective, though, they are far from impervious.

Toxic shock syndrome is a condition where a flood of a specific type of bacteria are able to make their way into the bloodstream. Once in the blood, the bacteria will release chemicals and a strong immune response will occur thus causing toxic shock.

Toxic shock syndrome can be caused by infections and can also be caused by misusing tampons. It can get rapidly worse and should be considered a medical emergency.

Symptom #1: Headache

Very few people can claim that they’ve never had a headache. It is a very common symptom that is caused by a huge variety of things. It could be down to a potentially serious condition, or it could just be down to feeling tired. Having a headache could also mean that you are suffering from toxic shock syndrome.

Because a headache is such a common symptom, it is unlikely to lead to a correct diagnosis on its own. When accompanied by other symptoms, though, it might be easier to understand what the problem is. A headache is often overlooked as not being serious, but you should speak with a doctor if it is too severe.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

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