10 Symptoms of Tetanus

There is no avoiding bacteria because it is all around us. Fortunately, though, the vast majority are quite harmless to us and some are even beneficial. There are some that are potentially harmful although our bodies are quite good at protecting us from them. A select few, however, are very difficult to defend against and can be extremely dangerous.

One such bacterium is Clostridium tetani, which causes a condition commonly known as tetanus. Our bodies have difficulty in defending against this bacterium and an infection can have some very serious symptoms. Infections are often picked up through cuts or scratches that have allowed the bacteria to enter into the body. If an infection takes places, death is a very real possibility so emergency medical help should be sought as soon as possible.

Symptom #1: Headache

Headaches are fairly common and most of us will experience them at least once in our life. Usually, they are unpleasant but not overbearing, although they might sometimes become debilitating. They are often caused by quite benign causes and will pass without causing any serious harm. Sometimes, though, a headache will be caused by something really quite serious.

If you have caught tetanus, there is a good chance that you will develop a headache at some point. This occurs when the bacteria are able to affect the nervous system, causing the sensation of pain. It can be very painful, and anybody with prolonged symptoms should seek medical help.

Symptoms Of Tetanus

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