10 Symptoms of Nasal Polyps

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Nasal polyps are small growths that can be found lining the inside of the nasal passage. They are not cancerous and are not likely to cause any pain. In many cases, the patient will not even be aware that they have them. They are generally caused by chronic inflammation and are usually a result of infections and/or allergies, among other things.

If the polyps grow large enough then they can begin to cause some unwelcome symptoms. They are not dangerous, but they should still be treated for the patient’s comfort at least if they do cause discomfort.

Treatment often involves the use of anti-inflammatory medication, but surgery is also sometimes necessary. This article looks at 10 symptoms of nasal polyps.

Symptom #1: Blocked Nose

Kids, in particular, tend to get blocked noses fairly frequently, although adults can get the symptom occasionally. It usually occurs as a result of having a cold or the flu, while it is also often experienced by people that have allergies. The symptom tends to be a result of inflamed nasal tissues blocking the nasal passage.

In cases of nasal polyps, they can grow large enough to block the nasal passage. This will make it hard for the patient to breathe through their nose, leaving them having to breathe through their mouths instead. The patient should hopefully be able to breathe freely again once the polyps have been dealt with.

Nasal Polyps

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