10 Symptoms of Gout in Foot

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Meats and seafood are delicious and rich in nutrients. They are important to us because they give us the building blocks we need to grow and repair our bodies. They are not without their drawbacks, though, and overdoing it can lead to health problems. Some of them serious. One condition that can be caused by overindulging in rich foods is gout.

Gout is a type of arthritis. It is caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood which can sometimes crystalize. These crystals can embed themselves in and around the joints of the foot, causing what we know as gout. It is not a dangerous condition, but it can be extremely uncomfortable.

Symptom #1: Pain

One of the most telling symptoms of gout is the pain that comes with the condition. Patients will often complain that it is agonizing, leaving them willing to do just about anything to stop it. It can also be persistent, giving the patient little to no respite from the agony.

The pain is caused by tiny needle-like crystals becoming embedded into the joint and surrounding the soft tissues. It can be as though there are a million red-hot pins penetrating the joint. The good news is that the pain will pass once the condition has been treated. A doctor should be able to prescribe medication to help soothe the pain.

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