Shaken Baby Syndrome Symptoms

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It is an unfortunate truth that not all people are fit to bring up a baby. Sadly, some might be prone to causing harm to somebody so small, whether through carelessness or through deliberately harming them. This harm will often take place out of frustration while, in some cases, it is even premeditated.

Some people might shake a baby out of anger if they won’t stop crying, or for some other reasons. They might not intend to do any harm but it is easy to forget just how much stronger an adult is than a baby. The shaking movement can cause shaken baby syndrome, a condition caused when the brain is damaged by violent shaking movements. It can be very serious, and it helps to know what to look out for.

1. Bruising

Babies are quite delicate. Their blood vessels can rupture more easily than those of adults, and ruptured blood vessels will mean that blood can leak out from the vessels. When this happens internally, the blood leaks out from the blood vessels but will often still remain trapped inside the body.

This is what we know commonly as a bruise, and these bruises are a symptom of shaken baby syndrome. They are most likely to be located on the arms and chest where they would have been grabbed during shaking. Any sign of bruising in babies is an indicator that they may be at risk.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

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