10 Symptoms of Parvovirus

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Parvovirus is most commonly associated with dogs, but there is a strain that can also affect humans. The specific strain that affects humans is parvovirus B19. It most commonly affects children, but it can also affect adults.

In the past, it was known as the fifth disease, so named because it was the fifth among six illnesses that caused a rash in children. It is also known as Erythema infectiosum.

Although it is common, the symptoms are generally quite mild and the disease usually poses little threat. However, it can pose more of a risk to some adults. It can also pose a significant risk to the unborn fetus of pregnant women. Those with a weakened immune system and/or anemia are also at risk.

Symptom #1: Upset Stomach

Children tend to have more delicate digestive systems than adults. They have not yet been exposed to as many rich or spicy foods as adults and are less likely to be able to digest them without problems. This means they are more likely to develop an upset stomach, although it is not always because of food.

An upset stomach is a common symptom of parvovirus. It is not likely to be severe, but still harsh enough to cause some discomfort. While an upset stomach is not usually enough to prompt you to see a doctor, you should if the symptoms persist.


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