What Is Roseola?

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Some diseases are so common that most people will catch it at some point in their lives. Roseola is one such disease, and most people are expected to catch it when they are young. It is caused by a type of virus that itself is very common. Thankfully the disease is also usually very mild.

Most patients will feel only mild symptoms at the worst. Many will not even feel any symptoms at all. However, the disease will lead to some potentially very dangerous symptoms in a small number of cases, so advice from a doctor should be sought if the patient is showing worrying symptoms.

1. Roseola

Roseola is an infection that is most common in children under 2 years old. It can affect children of all ages, however, and it will also sometimes affect adults. It is thought that most children will have contracted the infection by the time they have entered kindergarten.

The symptoms are usually only very mild but it will be dangerous in a very small number of cases. In many cases, the patient will show few, if any symptoms at all. It will usually only last for a few days or so before the patient makes a full recovery. There are two strains of a virus that can cause the infection.


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