10 Colorectal Cancer Symptoms

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Colon Cancer is also called Colorectal Cancer to encompass both Colon and Rectal Cancer together. Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer related to our gastrointestinal tract.

As with any cancer-related pathology, prevention and early diagnosis are the most important factors. If the diagnosis is made in an early stage of the disease and the condition is localized (meaning it has not spread), the survival rates are very good. Therefore, the efforts should be focused on screening and prevention.

There are some signs and symptoms that are related to Colorectal Cancer. Below are 10 of these symptoms to look out for.

Symptom #1: Rectal Bleeding

The rectum is the final part of the passageway of the digestive system. It is through this part of the body that our stools pass before finally passing out of the body through the anus. At the end of the rectum is the anal sphincter. This is a group of muscles that keep the rectum tightly closed to keep the contents inside, except for when defecating.

While the interior of the rectum is made from soft, delicate tissues, it is not usual for this part of the body to bleed. If there is blood coming from the rectum then it could be a sign of an injury, or of an illness such as colorectal cancer.

Colorectal Cancer

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