Bladder Infection: 10 Bladder Infection Symptoms

Author By: Jolene Sim, Health Team on 10 May, 2018

Bladder Infection Symptom #2: Increase Urinary Frequency

You should be aware of how often you usually need to use the bathroom. If you notice that you have been needing to go to the bathroom to urinate more frequently, you may have a bladder infection. The increased frequency for urination is often accompanied by dysuria (pain, burning sensation, or feeling of discomfort during urination).

The increased frequency may indicate interstitial cystitis where there is inflammation of the bladder muscles causing the frequent need to urinate although the urine produced is small. This should not apply if you are drinking more fluids than usual as it is only natural you are peeing more due to the higher intake of fluids.

Bladder Infection Symptoms

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