10 Anxiety Attack Symptoms

By dr. mera
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2. Restlessness

Restlessness is also known as the inability to relax and it may not necessarily be associated with a medical condition. However, people with anxiety disorders commonly experience restlessness as a symptom. For instance, a person that suffers from this condition may report feeling on edge or “keyed up”. Likewise, they may report an uncomfortable need to move. Importantly, restlessness can impact a person’s sleep and their ability to function properly during daily activities.

Like with other symptoms of anxiety, restlessness is a result of the activation of our body’s fight or flight response. Sometimes our Autonomic Nervous System (i.e. sympathetic nervous system), which is in charge of this reaction, activates or “goes on overdrive” in spite of the absence of danger. Hence, people with anxiety disorders may experience physical discomfort, including a sensation of restlessness.

Anxiety Attack

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