10 Symptoms of a Panic Attack

By albert
Reviewed: Dr. Mera
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Panic attacks are periods of overwhelming fear and a sense of imminent danger. They constitute the main component of the condition called Panic Disorder but they can also be associated with other anxiety disorders as well.

The onset of a panic attack episode is abrupt and usually gives no warnings at all. Often times they end up disrupting the normal functioning of the patient suffering from panic disorder. It is important to state that the patient’s fear is quite real even if there is no real reason to cause this reaction.

Symptom #1: Heart Palpitations

Most people experience heart palpitations when they get panic attacks. For this reason, patients may associate this symptom with other conditions like a heart attack. Usually, there is nothing wrong with the patient’s heart, it just beats faster due to the “fight or flight” response seen in a panic attack.

Knowing that you are getting a panic attack is an important step towards managing it and stopping a full-blown attack. It is important to seek medical attention in order to get an accurate diagnosis and to learn coping techniques to alleviate your symptoms.

Panic Attack

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