What Is a Panic Attack?

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A panic attack is a frightening event that includes physical reactions and intense emotions. Depending on the severity of the attack, individuals may feel they are dying or having a heart attack. Some occurrences are caused by a cued event while others are unexpected.

Learn more about the common physical signs, emotional symptoms, treatment options and risk factors of panic attacks. Whether you or a loved one has experienced a single panic attack or undergone repeated episodes, discover treatment options that can reduce the severity and frequency of these bouts.

1. What Are the Physical Symptoms of a Panic Attack?

While most panic attacks are characterized by emotional episodes, there are many physical symptoms that may be present. Look for signs of chest pain, hot flushes, sweating, tingling or numb sensations, nausea or shortness of breath.

Many of the signs of panic attacks are similar to signs of a heart attack. Treat these symptoms as serious until a medical professional has ruled out other medical conditions. Panic attack physical symptoms may mirror a heart attack, but they don’t typically represent any danger to your heart health.

Panic Attack

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