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Ovulation pain is also often referred to as midcycle pain or mittelschmerz. The term mittelschmerz originated from a German word that translates to “middle pain.” Ovulation pain has been estimated to occur in about 20% of women with some experiencing it intermittently while others have it every cycle.

Ovulation pain is not an infrequent complaint. Since it occurs due to ovulation, the pain is usually present in the midmenstrual cycle. In most cases, it does not require medical attention. It is often managed symptomatically with pain relievers and home remedies.

1. Symptoms

The pain that women with ovulation pain generally experience is located in the pelvis or lower abdomen. It usually occurs about halfway through the menstrual cycle (around 14 days from the first day of menstruation). This pain can begin suddenly and resolve on its own within hours. For some women, it may last several days or even up till the next cycle. Some women can even tell if the right or left ovary is providing the egg as the pain will be localized on that side. Since ovulation occurs on a random ovary, but normally alternates, the pain may occur on either the left or right side. Other associated symptoms that women may experience would be the appearance of cervical mucus, mid-cycle bleeding, swelling of the vulva before ovulation, and swelling or tenderness of a lymph node in the groin.

Ovulation Pain

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