All About Mittelschmerz

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Mittelschmerz is a medical term used to refer to ovulation pain. It is a condition where the affected individual has abdominal pain during ovulation. The term mittelschmerz originates from German that translates to “middle pain.” Most cases of mittelschmerz do not require medical attention.

It is estimated to affect about 20% of women either intermittently or with every cycle. It is not an infrequent complaint and is considered to be normal as it is a side effect that is linked with the menstrual cycle.

1. The Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is where there is cyclical change in the female reproductive tract that enables pregnancy to occur. This cycle helps the production of the egg to occur as well as to prepare the body for a potential pregnancy. An average menstrual cycle is about 28 days. However, the length of the menstrual cycle varies for each woman. When there is less than 8 days between their longest and shortest days, the cycle is considered to be regular. When it is between 8 to 20 days, it is moderately irregular and a variation of more than 21 days is considered to be very irregular. The menstrual cycle can be described based on the ovarian and uterine cycle.


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