What Is Uvulitis?

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Uvulitis is a term used to refer to the inflammation of the uvula. The uvula is a small, tongue-shaped organ, extending from the soft palate, and hanging down the back of the mouth. The organ works together with the soft palate to close off the nasal cavity when swallowing. It also plays a part in speech.

Similar to other parts of the oral cavity, the uvula is exposed to pathogens and other irritants that can cause inflammation and swelling. This usually affects the uvula and surrounding tissues and is usually mild. However, the otherwise temporary condition can become more severe. This can lead to difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

1. Symptoms of Uvulitis

The most common symptom of uvulitis is an irritating feeling like you have something stuck in the back of the mouth. You may also experience some degree of breathlessness and difficulty in swallowing.

Other symptoms include sore throat, pain, and excessive saliva production. Your tone of voice may also change, and a look at the back of the mouth using a mirror will show swelling and redness of the throat and the uvula. The tonsils may also be swollen.


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