What Is Poland Syndrome?

By boone
Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
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2. Malformed or Shortened Ribs

The ribs can appear to stick out due to a lack of tissue that would normally cover these bones. The rib cage itself is also affected in 20% of those living with Poland syndrome. Ribs can be too short to connect with the sternum in the middle of the chest. Others might be thinner or shaped differently from normal ribs. The second to fourth or the third to fifth ribs are usually the ones affected.

When the ribs are malformed or too short, associated muscles in the chest cavity are often also misshapen. This symptom allows parts of the lung to poke through gaps in the musculature, causing a lung hernia. This condition can cause breathing problems and lead to infection so is usually corrected with surgery once diagnosed.

Poland Syndrome

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