What Is Paruresis?

By amara
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2. What Are the Common Symptoms?

As a psychological problem, people suffering from shy bladder syndrome will typically share some characteristics. The main symptom of paruresis is the fear of urinating around others, which includes in public restrooms and even at home. In severe situations, a patient may try to force themselves to use the bathroom, but often they can’t. Due to the difficulty of using the toilet, many people suffering from shy bladder will change their behaviors and routines to compensate. For example, avoiding social events is common. Also, they may go home during breaks in their schedule to urinate before returning to work or other activities.

If you suffer from paruresis, it is possible that you try to use the bathroom frequently at home to avoid the need while out. However, as debilitating to socializing as these behaviors can be, one habit that is commonly adopted by shy bladder sufferers is drinking less, which is dangerous to your physical health.


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