What Is Urethritis?

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The urethra is a tube that passes from the bladder to our genitals where it ends in an opening the allows fluids to pass out of the body. In men, this tube also allows for semen to pass out of the body from the testicles. The tube is barely even noticed much of the time, but it can become very noticeable should we develop certain medical conditions.

The urethra is made of delicate tissues that can be easily irritated. This irritation can cause the tissues to become inflamed, in a condition known as urethritis. It is usually a very treatable condition, but it can also be very uncomfortable.

1. Urethritis?

Some medical conditions can cause the urethra to become inflamed in a condition known as urethritis. It can affect both men and women, and it can also happen in people of all ages. It is more likely to develop in women than it is in men, however.

Urethritis has similar symptoms to a urinary tract infection and it will often be mistaken for a UTI. The two are quite different, however, and the two require different treatments. Urethritis is not usually a dangerous condition in itself and can be treated. It will result in potentially serious complications in a small number of cases, however.


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