What Is Mixed Hyperlipidemia?

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Our bodies are made up of countless different substances. It is important that they continue to have these substances otherwise the body may not be able to function properly. Some of these substances are made by our bodies, and others we can only get from the food that we eat.

One of these substances is fats, and there are numerous types of fats that our bodies use. Fats tend to be associated with poor health because they do contribute to obesity and other problems. Despite their importance to us, having too many of them in our bodies can be dangerous, and medical conditions like mixed hyperlipidemia will cause higher than usual levels of them in our blood.

1. Cholesterol

Despite having such a bad name, cholesterols are actually very important for us. For example, they are required for our bodies to make vitamin D. They are also needed to make various hormones, and they are also necessary for the construction of our cell’s walls. Some cholesterols are made by our bodies, while many we get from our food.

As with so many other things, having cholesterols in our body per se is not a problem. The problem is when we have too much of them in our bodies. Too many cholesterols in our body can be bad for our health, and it can even pose a very real threat to our lives.

Mixed Hyperlipidemia

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