What Is Hypermobility Syndrome?

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If you try to stretch your arm out straight, you will find that it will only extend so far. This is the same for everybody and most people will find that they can bend their joints to roughly the same amount. Some people can bend them more than others can, however.

Hypermobility syndrome is a condition where people are able to bend their joints more than other people can. It is often a harmless condition and can even be a sense of amusement. At other times, however, it can be more serious and can result in some very unwelcome complications.

1. Joints

Without joints, we would not be able to move around as we do. Without joints, our skeletons would remain rigid and we would not be able to bend our legs, our arms, and move other body parts. Some animal species that don’t have internal skeletons have no need for joints, but humans do need them.

Our joints are made up of several components. These include the ends of the bones where they meet each other. Joints also typically have relatively soft cartilage that helps provide a protective cushion. Many of our joints are also held together with the help of ligaments.

Hypermobility Syndrome

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