What Is Endocarditis?

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Blood is passing through our hearts all day, every day. Within the blood is bound to be pathogens and other particles that might do harm to the heart. Thankfully, however, the heart is protected by a membrane that helps to protect it internally. This membrane is known as the endocarditis.

Although the membrane is there to protect against infection and other problems, it will sometimes become infected itself. This is thankfully not a common condition and it is also usually treatable. It is possible that the patient will make a full recovery, especially if the infection was caught before it could do any serious harm.

1. Endocarditis

As with so many other parts of the body, the endocardium can become infected if pathogens are able to access it. Such infections can cause the lining to become inflamed, and this results in a condition known as endocarditis. The infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

Endocarditis has the potential to limit how much the heart is able to function. What’s more is that it can also result in permanent damage to the heart, leaving the patient with potentially severe symptoms for the rest of their life. The condition can usually be treated, but it is important that treatment is found as soon as a problem is diagnosed.


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