What Is Cardiac Tamponade?

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If our heart was to develop a problem then it can mean that we are in immediate danger. Most heart conditions will not be of such an immediate concern but should still be treated as important regardless. There are numerous complications that can happen, and cardiac tamponade is one of them.

Cardiac tamponade is quite a rare condition, but nobody is safe from it. We don’t always know the underlying cause for it, but at others time the cause will be clearly evident. It is a very serious condition in some cases and the patient should be found immediate medical assistance.

1. Pericardium

Our hearts are protected by a fibrous sac that is known as the pericardium. This sac helps to prevent the heart from dilating too much when it is overworked. It also helps to keep the heart safe from infections. The sac also provides lubrication for the heart so all the parts are free to operate as they should.

The pericardium consists of 2 layers and some fluid is located in between the two layers. The purpose of the fluid is to help provide lubrication between the two layers of the sac. This sac can sometimes fill with too much of this fluid and this can cause complications in some cases.

Cardiac Tamponade

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