What Is Bronchiolitis?

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Inside our lungs is a network of air passages that very much resemble the branches of a tree. These branches split and get increasingly smaller until they reach the alveoli. These are small air sacs through which oxygen can pass through the thin walls where it is then absorbed into the blood stream.

These passages inside the lungs are known as bronchioles, and it is essential that they are kept free from blockage so air can flow freely. One such condition that can affect this is bronchiolitis, which is not usually serious, but can be dangerous in a small number of cases.

1. Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis is a relatively common infection of the lungs. It causes the bronchioles to become inflamed and congested, and this will make it harder for the patient to breathe. The symptoms usually start off mild and will worsen after a while. It is a disease that usually affects children, but it will affect adults in a rare number of cases.

Although the condition can be uncomfortable, it will not usually be serious and most patients will recover after 2-3 weeks. It will be serious in a small number of cases, however, so the condition should not be treated with complacency.


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