What Is Bipolar II (2)?

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Life has its ups and downs. It’s almost inevitable no matter who you are and what your background is. For the most part, however, we will get through the rough times until things get better. There will also be good times, of course, but these also tend to be balanced by work and other commitments.

For some people, however, finding the balance is a lot more difficult. Lows and highs can come for no apparent reason, and they can have a serious impact on the patient’s well-being overall. One example of this happening is conditions like bipolar II. It is usually a manageable condition, but it will still be dangerous in some cases.

1. Similar Disorders

There are various other conditions that are very similar to bipolar II disorder. These are bipolar I disorder, cyclothymic disorder, and disorders that are caused by medical and/or medicinal factors. Bipolar I is a condition that causes the patient to swing between periods of major depression, and periods of mania.

Cyclothymic disorder is a condition where the patient experiences periods of depression or hypomania, but one does not necessarily swing to another. The patient will have been experiencing these episodes for at least 2 years in other to be diagnosed with cyclothymic disorder. Their depressive periods are not likely to be classified as major depression.

Bipolar 2

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