10 Signs of Bipolar Disorder

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Mental illnesses are far more common than many people think, with some statistics showing that as many as 1 in 10 people have some kind of mental disorder. One of these is bipolar disorder, which affects millions of people worldwide.

Bipolar disorder used to be known as manic depression, and it is a condition that involves both mania and depression. Depression is a condition that causes people to feel down and worthless, while mania is a condition that does quite the opposite.

People with bipolar disorder will experience both, sometimes going from one then directly to the other. The symptoms can be quite dramatic, having a serious impact on the life of the patient and on those around them.

Bipolar Disorder Sign #1: Feeling Empty

Depression is more than just being a bit down. Most of us will feel down from time to time, it’s a part of life and we will usually pull through the tough times sooner or later. Depression, though, is a clinical condition that is not necessarily affected by circumstances around us. It can come on for no apparent reason and is very difficult to treat.

Many people with depression will explain their symptoms as making them feel empty. They will feel as though there is nothing of value in their life and that there is nothing that gives them pleasure. These dark moods are potentially dangerous and should be taken seriously.


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