What Is Atherosclerosis?

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Our cardiovascular systems help to ensure that all of our body is supplied with the oxygen, and nutrients, that it needs. The system consists of an enormous network of tubes, among other things, that transport blood around the body. If something was to happen with these tubes then certain parts of the body may not get the oxygen that they need.

Medical conditions like atherosclerosis can mean that the flow of blood is impeded, and this can be very dangerous. The good news is that, in the majority of cases, steps can be taken to help keep us safe from the condition.

1. Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a condition where the patient’s arteries have become clogged. The clogging is caused by atheroma, or plaques, and these are made from substances such as fats and small clots that flow through the blood. Over time, these substances can begin to accumulate, resulting in the blockages.

The presence of the plaques can cause the passageway through the patient’s blood vessels to become narrower. In addition, the walls of the arteries can become harder, which can also cause problems for the patient. Overall, these blockages can restrict the flow of oxygen to other parts of the body, including the major organs.


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