What Is Anemia?

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Our blood is extremely important to us because it helps ensure that oxygen is carried to where it is needed in the body. It does this with the help of a substance known as hemoglobin, which is found in our red blood cells. Hemoglobin contains a high quantity of iron, and oxygen has a high affinity to iron, which means it will be attracted to, and will attach to it.

When we breathe in, oxygen is absorbed into our blood with help from the hemoglobin. This freshly oxygenated blood will then travel on to our hearts, where it can then be forced around the rest of the body. Anemia is a condition where the patient does not have enough red blood cells, and there are different types of the disease.

1. Iron Deficiency Anemia

Of all the different varieties of anemia, iron deficiency anemia is the most common. As the name suggests, it means the body does not have enough iron with which to make hemoglobin. There are several reasons this can occur, one of which is that the patient simply does not have enough iron in their diet.

Other potential causes include excessive blood loss, and some women will suffer from anemia during their period. Cancer, ulcers, and inflammation of the digestive system are other potential causes of anemia through loss of blood. Pregnant women are also prone, and iron supplements can help anybody to restore the number of red blood cells in their body.


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