10 Signs of Being Anemic

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Reviewed: Dr. Mera
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Our red blood cells perform a vital role in our body, allowing our blood to transport oxygen to where it is needed. They get their red color from the iron they contain, and the iron allows oxygen molecules to attach themselves to the red blood cells. Without these red blood cells, our body would simply suffocate.

Not having enough red blood cells in the body is a medical condition known as anemia. This can be down to various reasons including severe blood loss, improper red blood cell production, and a lack of iron in the patient’s diet.

Anemia can come with the following symptoms; however, anemia is often quite easy to treat, depending on the underlying cause.

Sign #1: Difficulty Concentrating

Even the simplest of tasks require a certain amount of concentration if they are to be done properly. This is not usually a problem for us, thanks to powerful brains that are capable of a mind-boggling number of computations every second. If the brain is not operating at its full ability, however, then concentrating can become harder than usual.

The brain needs a lot of oxygen to maintain its full functionality, and this is supplied by the blood. In cases of anemia, the blood is not able to carry as much oxygen as it usually would, and this will affect the brain’s ability to function.


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