What is Amnesia?

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Our brains are incredibly complex and we are still only scraping the surface in regards to how they actually work. Perhaps one of the most impressive things about our brains is that they are able to hold a vast amount of memories. Not only that, but we are able to retrieve these memories almost effortlessly.

With something so complex, however, there is a lot that can go wrong, and one such example is amnesia. This is a condition where people lose their memory, or find themselves unable to form new memories. Many people will go on to make a full recovery, but it does have the potential to destroy the lives of some people.

1. Symptoms Of Amnesia

It is well known that the main symptom of amnesia is that the patient will experience memory loss. They can also have difficulty forming new memories. People with the condition can forget just about anything they had stored in memory, including people they know, and even facts about themselves.

One thing that amnesia does not do is to cause people to lose motor neuron skills that give us the ability to walk and talk. Patients with amnesia will also retain the ability to speak languages, even if they don’t remember how they learned these languages. There are also different types of amnesia, and they affect people in different ways.


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