What Are Personality Disorders?

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When you hear the term personality disorder, you might imagine someone who has a broken personality. This stereotype is far from the truth and it can be harmful to those with this very real form of mental illness when they seek treatment or tell loved ones about their condition.

Think of your personality as a set of traits that you were born with as well as learned coping skills that you have picked up throughout your life. People with personality disorders have often developed unhelpful coping skills that make their lives, relationships, and emotions more difficult to manage.

1. What Is a Personality Disorder?

Simply put, a personality disorder is a rigid way of thinking and behaving that causes someone distress. Some people with personality disorders are well aware of their condition, but it is more common for someone with this type of disorder to perceive himself as mentally healthy.

Personality disorders are divided into Cluster A, B, and C to make diagnosis simpler. Cluster A disorders include people you might see as eccentric, Cluster B disorders are considered “dramatic” due to their flair for melodrama and attention-seeking, and Cluster C features are typically anxious and controlling.

Personality Disorder

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