10 Symptoms of Tonsillitis

By james
Nov 3, 2018
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Tonsillitis is defined as the inflammation of the tonsils. It is usually associated with inflammation of other surrounding tissues like the adenoids and the pharynx, therefore the term pharyngitis can be used as well to describe this condition.

It is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection and it is more common in younger children but it can also be seen in adults. This condition is associated with many complications like peritonsillar abscesses (pus-filled cavity in your throat, therefore, it is important to recognize the symptoms to prevent further complications.

Symptom #1: Headache

A headache is pain or discomfort in the head. Usually, the pain is unpleasant but bearable, although it can become quite severe. It is a very common symptom, and many people suffer from headaches regularly.

A headache often develops when an infection, such as tonsillitis, is present. The patient may be given treatments for both the headaches and the tonsillitis if the headache is severe enough. Although headaches are not usually a cause for alarm, see a doctor if the headaches are frequent and severe.


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