10 Traits of a Sociopath

Human beings have evolved to live in groups with other people. This gives us an advantage as our numbers help to keep us safe and allow us to work together to achieve big things. For this to work, though, we need to live by certain codes in regards to how we treat others in the group. Thus, we have evolved emotions such as empathy and sympathy that help to bring individuals together as a unit.

Not all people have these emotions, though. Sociopaths are typically described as people with no consideration for other people and will happily take advantage of others wherever possible. They can also be charming, intelligent, and very dangerous. A sociopath will often destroy other peoples’ lives in their pursuit of personal gain.

Sociopath Trait #1: Lack of Remorse

If we have done something that hurts or upsets people, we will usually feel quite bad about it. Even if we are not at fault, we can still feel bad at seeing somebody else going through a hard time. It is a natural response that helps us as a species to live in large societies as we do. A sociopath, however, is unlikely to experience these emotions at all.

It’s not that they don’t recognise the person is suffering, because they do. The reality is that they just don’t care. No matter how terrible a time people are going through, no emotions regarding their plight are triggered in a sociopath. The sociopath will occasionally act in the way they think they’re supposed to, but that is likely to be more to maintain appearances than actually caring.

Traits of a Sociopath

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