10 Signs of the Flu

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Flu season generally comes around once a year. It is well known that we should get regular flu shots because the influenza, virus that is responsible for the flu, evolves very quickly.

While the healthy among us need not have significant concerns about the flu, though, it can present a very real danger to the vulnerable. More than 500,000 people are thought to die from the flu worldwide every year.

While the flu should not be treated with complacency, it will usually pass naturally within a week or so. Plenty of rest is usually what is needed and you will be back to full health before long. Just remember to keep an eye on people that are more prone to suffering from such illnesses than others.

Flu Sign #1: Aching Muscles

When we begin to feel ill, we tend to wonder whether we are coming down with the flu or with the common cold. The two are very common illnesses and also share some symptoms. Quite often, we are able to tell which of the two we have on the onset of a particular symptom… aching muscles.

Aches and pains are a common symptom of the flu. They are caused by the body’s immune system releasing chemicals into the body to help defeat the virus. It is these chemicals that cause the pains we feel even if they are being used to help us.

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