10 Side Effects of Flu Shots

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The influenza virus was once one of the biggest killers on the planet throughout history. Before modern medicine, a flu pandemic could kill millions of people and the virus is responsible for the famous Spanish flu of 1918 which itself killed up to around 100 million people. Modern medicines mean that the virus poses less of a risk than it used to, but it can still be deadly.

The influenza virus evolves quickly, making previous vaccinations less likely to be effective. This means that fresh flu jabs should be given regularly to keep up with the evolution of the virus. Those who don’t are at a higher risk, especially the very old and the very weak. The flu shot does carry some side effects but the protection it provides makes them worth it.

Flu Shots Side Effect #1: Headaches

A headache is among the most common form of ailment that people suffer from, and it can often occur for no apparent reason. The causes of headaches are vast and pinpointing the cause can be very difficult, although the cause can be quite obvious in many cases. One potential cause of a headache is as a side effect of a recent flu shot.

The headache associated with a flu shot is only likely to be around for a couple of days and should hopefully not be too uncomfortable. If needed, a painkiller like ibuprofen can help relieve the pain, but you should arrange an appointment to see your doctor if the symptoms are too severe.

Flu Shots

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