10 Symptoms of Scurvy

By james
Sep 28, 2018
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In the days when explorers were sailing the seas to discover new lands, sailors were faced with various challenges. Fierce storms would often take lives but a limited diet could also be very dangerous. Such limited diets would sometimes lead to a condition known as scurvy.

Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C 1. The vitamin helps to bind our bodies together at the cellular level so without it, we will literally begin to fall apart. Sailors would often remedy this condition with limes, which are rich in vitamin C. This is how the English came by the nickname ‘Limeys’. Scurvy is potentially fatal, but also easily curable by giving the patient plenty of vitamin C.

Symptom #1: Slow Healing Wounds

Whenever we pick up an injury, no matter how large or small, our bodies get to work to repair it. If we get a cut, for example, it will quickly scab over and underneath the scab, the body will be putting everything back together again. If somebody has scurvy, however, then the healing of such wounds will become slower.

Open wounds present a risk of infection as pathogens have a way to get into the body. Somebody with scurvy will also likely find that bruises are slow to heal. If you do find that wounds and bruises are not healing as quickly as they should, then arrange to speak with a doctor.


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