10 Signs of Liver Damage

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The liver is very important to us. One of its main functions is to keep the blood clean of toxins and other impurities. If it is unable to do this effectively, our blood can become awash with substances that can make us quite ill. The liver also performs other important functions in the body.

We cannot survive without our livers, and people with liver damage will find that their health will begin to deteriorate. While some problems can be overcome, others are incurable. In many cases, the best option is to try to manage the problem and limit the impact of the symptoms.

Below are 10 signs of liver damage to look out for. If you do suspect a problem with your liver then you should arrange to speak with a doctor soon.

Sign #1: Abdominal Distension

One of the key features associated with cirrhosis, acute liver failure, and many other liver diseases is the presence of abdominal distension. The distended abdomen is caused by fluid extravasation from the circulatory system into the extracellular compartment. This fluid buildup in the abdomen is called ascites and it is a sign that medical attention is required in order to reach a diagnosis and establish the treatment options.

Liver Damage

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